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About us –

We’re Unskippable. Or actually, the pictures we shoot are. Every minute, 600 hours of video are being uploaded around the world. To stand out, you need stuff that’s different. Well, we shoot it. Different from what your viewers expect and different from what you expect. You want a 30-second TV ad? Sure, we can get you that. But you can also just tell us what you want to convey and we’ll make you what you need. And, believe us, that might be very different from that TV ad you had in mind.

Meet the Team –

About Diede

Diede in ‘t Veld is the impersonation of a well-executed plot twist. His professional life as a computer engineer started with an internship at TamTam. But soon, his heart brought him to the United States, where he graduated from the New York Film Academy. Writing scripts rather than code worked out pretty damn well for Diede. For 13 years, he has directed films and television series such as Spangas, Celblok H, Mees Kees, and De Leeuwenkuil, and also several commercials and online video content. In 2016, he re-joined his old pals at TamTam (part of Dept) to start his very own production company. Diede is Unskippable.

Diede in't Veld

Managing Director


About Marit

Marit Agter’s career reads as a classical coming of age story. She trained at the Dutch Academy of Film and Television in Amsterdam and started as production assistant. Steadily, she climbed the career ladder and reached the stars as executive producer of feature films and TV series. Amongst others: Spangas, Body Language, Mees Kees and Gerede Twijfel. She worked together with Diede on several productions, and joined the ranks of his team at Dept in early 2017. Marit is Unskippable.

Marit Agter

Executive Producer


About Guilliano

Guilliano Vitalis always wanted to create, but for his mother’s peace of mind, he started a management study. Nevertheless, creativity kept bugging him, so after getting his first degree he went right back to school and did the whole thing all over again, this time in Art Direction. After graduation, he directly started directing commercials. At the beginning of 2017 he joined Unskippable, where he directs, films, edits and is always on a lookout for new ways to create beautiful content and to provide creative solutions. Guilliano is Unskippable.

Guilliano Vitalis

Content Creator

About Titia

Titia Hoogendoorn’s creative career began in her early childhood, when she first started ‘directing’ games with neighbour kids and later acted in the popular Dutch TV series Spangas as a teenager. She was always a creative spirit, so attending Gerrit Rietveld Academy of art felt as natural as a going to the toilet. After getting a Bachelor in ‘Image and Language’ in 2014, Titia continued creating content throughout her early adulthood for VICE/Broadly. In the spring of 2017 she joined Unskippable where she continues to direct, write, film and edit great content. Titia is Unskippable.

Titia Hoogendoorn

Junior Content Creator

About Reinier

Reinier started art school with an ambition to become the world’s best director. But when he started animating films, he felt as if he was struck by lightning. He was always great at drawing, but never thought about turning it into a profession before he realized what kind of cool shit he could do with it. But the big leagues caught Reinier’s attention, and at the beginning of 2017 he joined our team. Reinier is Unskippable.

Reinier Peersman


About Ruben

Ruben Mikx Guerro found his love in a hopeless place. During a study he hated, one of his teachers asked him to work on a documentary. A simple question with major consequences. He instantly realized what it was he wanted to do. After that, he did a bachelor in Media and Entertainment Management. During and shortly after the study, Ruben worked on many projects for big international clients and today he can write up a break down and make a call sheet with his eyes closed. He joined Unskippable ranks in the summer of 2017. Ruben is Unskippable.

Ruben Mikx Guerrero

Junior Producer

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You can call us at +31 (0)88-0400866 or email us at makeme@unskippable.com

We're located at Generaal Vetterstraat 66 in Amsterdam

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